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Under the guise of well-intentioned performance notes from his esteemed theatre director, a young actor must decide if he can be complacent as his identity...

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Catastrophe Queens

Jessica Landry

ONE-HOUR SUPERNATURAL COMEDY After learning that their characters are being rebooted with younger actresses, aging scream queens Hazel Hellborne and Babe-ula find themselves at their...

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Cookies or Crack

Joy Haskell

FEATURE PROJECT When long kept secrets are exposed one night, for 17-year-old Angie nothing will ever be the same again. In a desperate attempt to...

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Commonplace Exchanges

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International students face several challenges: language barriers, adapting to different cultures and lifestyles, and grappling with the loneliness of living far from home. This project focuses...

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CLEO Poster Final

Cleo discovers an unexpected connection as she ventures outside her comfort zone into a part of town she has never experienced before ...

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Chrononauts is a feature-length creative documentary that observes the every day of four living time travellers as they deal with the challenges of being stuck...

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Aiden is an undocumented migrant from Ireland living in Toronto. Labouring under the table, Aiden does his best to make a living and pass as...

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COREY SWANSON, a mild-mannered deli clerk who slices cold cuts for a living, is good at hiding his unhappiness. But the grey cloud that’s hung...

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