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Learn to Swim

A man in a black tank top holding a saxophone

FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD After a tragic event, Dezi (Thomas Antony Olajide), a Toronto jazz musician, flees in an attempt to rebuild his life, only...

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Gillian McKercher

FEATURE PROJECT When Lucky, a gambling addict, is scammed, he attempts to remake the losses in secret from his family. With his precarious financial situation...

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Lola’s Wake


After being told about a Filipino tradition, Joelle, an impressionable young girl, is convinced that demons will steal her deceased grandmother’s body if she leaves...

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Screen Shot 2019 04 17 at 11.00.14 AM

Liaison is a multiplayer fetish game about awkward intimacies. It uses VR technology to accurately track positioning in physical space but is not a VR...

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Light Years

In their final year of college, Emma, an engineer with dreams of working for NASA, and Emmett, a photographer with dreams of traveling the world...

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Little Bookcase Publications


“Little Bookcase Publications” is a four-player co-operative board game which offers an experiential hands-on understanding of Holacracy fundamentals via contextualized simulation. Players act as partners...

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Life on Juniper

Life on Juniper poster print

Following reports of a mysterious crash, a stubborn and aging farmer soon finds himself harbouring a short, stout alien in his barn. With Agents knocking...

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Lunchbox Loser

Lunchbox Loser Poster

For aspiring comedian Natasha Marakova, grade school lunchroom politics is no laughing matter. Lunchbox Loser is a dark comedy about owning who you are and...

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