CFC Media Lab VR Sketches Series


CFC Media Lab invites the filmmaking community to learn about and discover the grammar and language of VR storytelling. Working with a collective of game designers, visual effects aficionados, storytellers, 3D modellers, real-time interface designers, filmmakers and visual artists, otherwise known as OCCUPIED VR, CFC Media Lab is producing the VR Sketches Series, an ongoing investigation into today’s VR storytelling form. The series will present its first three works in an intimate interactive setting where filmmakers -- and anyone interested in learning about interactive storytelling -- can experience them and discuss where VR can take filmmaking. CFC Media Lab Sketches: 01 - Past An experience that showcases 3D positional audio as we contextualize the place of VR in media and communications. Credits: J. Lee Williams, Experience Director; Blair Renaud, Experience Designer; Matt Bilewicz, Art Director; Ana Serrano, Executive Producer; Harold Price & Leonardo Dell'Anno, Producers 02 - Present An intimate moment with Canadian skateboarder, DEVIN. The experience displays the use of high-resolution 3D 360-degree filmmaking. Credits: J. Lee Williams, Director & Experience Designer; George Vale, DOP; Timur Musabay, Audio; Ana Serrano, Executive Producer; Harold Price & Leonardo Dell'Anno, Producers 03 - Future An experience that provides a glimpse of the future of VR: watch a person transition from the real to the synthetic with the use of photo real 3D scanning. Credits: J. Lee Williams, Experience Designer; Blair Renaud, Experience Designer; Matt Bilewicz, Art Director,; Ana Serrano, Executive Producer; Harold Price & Leonardo Dell'Anno, Producers; Craig Algurie & Morgan Young, 3D Scanning and Character Development 04 - TimeTraveller™ Guided Virtual Reality Tours Artist Skawennati invites you to explore AbTeC Island, where she shot her renowned machinima, TimeTraveller™. Don a VR headset and experience an Aboriginally determined virtual world in Second Life on the Oculus Rift. Watch all nine episodes of TimeTraveller™ at Credits: Skawennati, Director, Writer and Editor, Co-produced by AbTeC's IIF and CFC Media Lab, IIF | CFC Media Lab co-production 05 – Qualia: Zen Eagle Qualia: Zen Eagle is an enchanting VR experience where players become an eagle in the wild, soaring along ocean cliffs and floating above hidden lakes and canyons. Through biofeedback technology, players use mindfulness techniques to increase health and vitality inside the game. Take flight as an eagle and connect your brainwaves to this immersive world. Credits: Mark Thoburn, Executive Director; Tyrone Melkioty, Technical Lead; Nicolas Jinchereau, Programmer; Mikhail Eraga, Graphic Designer; Priam Givord, UX Consultant; The Bodhi Tree & Stacey, Writer; Ana Serrano, Executive Producer; Mark Thoburn & Peter Wall, Producers