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MP Martin

FIRST FEATURE FILM - COMPLETED Joshua, a timid, middle-aged Filipino immigrant in Canada has lived in the comfort of his parents care his entire life....

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Ijiam is a project that uses digital technologies to create audiovisual adaptations of ancestral wisdom from the Shuar indigenous community of the Ecuadorian Amazon, transposing...

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A teenager isolated on her family's maple syrup farm investigates her mother's eerie behaviour following the unexplained disappearance of her father.

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I Believe In You

Fresh out of college, Lucy Lewis gets a job as the assistant a stand-­up comedian, Jonah Lee. As Lucy's opinions infiltrate his act, Jonah's success mounts...

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I Matter

Imatter 2

I Matter is an exceptional multimedia resource that profiles individuals who have found fulfillment because they are engaged in careers that they love, Using video, audio and...

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in situ

Cities are comprised of concrete, steel, future plans, past histories, stories, and innumerable tangibles and intangibles. With our naked eye we can perceive the concrete...

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INTERFERENCE._ An interactive multimedia narrative game. The look of the piece is an innovative synthesis of live action, 2D and 3D elements. The story emerges...

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Internal Combustion

internal combustion 1

When two squabbling brothers rescue a woman from a religious cult, the intensity of their sibling rivalry is no match for the mysterious forces that...

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In The Wings

in the wings 1

A rivalry between two veteran actors living in a Performers Retirement Lodge sets the stage for a reawakening of what it truly means to be...

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In Shadow


Rebecca, a young, up-and-coming artist works hard to build a future for herself while a shadow from her past threatens to push her into madness.

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