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Murry Peeters

ONE-HOUR DRAMA For many, the hope is that one enters as a criminal, and exits as a new person: reformed and ready to become a...

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Run Woman Run

CC Zoe

FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD Running Home is a magical dramedy about Beck, a single mom who learns how to reclaim her dreams, family and honour...

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Red Velvet Girls

red velvet girls 1

Red Velvet Girls is a darkly sensual coming of age story about love and rebellion. Julia is in love with the human she has grown up...

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Rabbit Punch

rabbit punch 1

A brutal boxer and his prize wife enter the final round of their relationship. They are surprised by the results, unclear of who is the...

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Rishi’s World


Rishi is 10 and has spent his whole life locked in a windowless room with his mother and sister. They’re prisoners of his father, but...

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Rattan Poster

A wicker rattan bicycle basket is possessed by the spirit of a murderous pimp looking to get revenge on the hooker who killed him. During...

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Right or Left Unsaid

high res

Right and Left Unsaid is an interactive installation which engages participants in a collaborative activity designed to draw awareness to one's relationship with oneself and...

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Rude poster copy

Rude is a surreal, vivid triptych of three characters struggling for redemption on an Easter weekend in a stylized inner-city. Maxine, a successful window dresser,...

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