Catastrophe Queens


ONE-HOUR SUPERNATURAL COMEDY After learning that their characters are being rebooted with younger actresses, aging scream queens Hazel Hellborne and Babe-ula find themselves at their lowest point, which only gets lower when they’re attacked by otherworldly creatures. Luckily, they’re saved by a woman who explains what’s going on to the best of her knowledge: a doomsday witch cult is trying to bring about the end of the world—and Hazel and Barb are the key to stopping it.

Jessica Landry

Creator Bio

Jessica Landry (She/Her) is an award-winning screenwriter and author based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Her original horror feature, MY ONLY SUNSHINE, was accepted into the Whistler Film Festival’s Screenwriters Lab in 2020 and is in development with Eagle Vision, with Jessica attached to direct. She’s written on a variety of TV projects, including STRAYS (CBC); HEARTLAND HOMICIDE (Farpoint Films); 7THGEN (Eagle Vision/APTN); and several movies-of-the-week with Neshama Entertainment and Vortex Productions. She’s currently adapting the best-selling novels, APRIL RAINTREE (Eagle Vision) and LEAVING THE WITNESS (Sir Harry Films), for the small and big screen.

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