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Neutrios is a personal feminist digital game —a nonlinear interactive novel, created in Twine, speculating on life in a postgender world—embracing critical future thinking of...

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It’s a Friday night in Berlin and the city’s on the edge of a nervous breakdown. A general strike has suspended all travel, stranding tourists and Berliners alike. Everyone’s trapped. Tempers are rising. And there’s no end in sight. This is...

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Nearly Wed

After discovering that their six-year marriage was annulled without their knowledge, and now facing the choice of whether to break up or stay together -...

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When a man’s grief grows so great that it absorbs the sun, he chooses to leave his daughter and search the city to reunite with...

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Contributors: Angella Mackey (Hoodie design, wearables consultation), David Bouchard (Additional Programming) Neighbourhoodie is an Interactive Hoodie and Game Platform for the iPod Touch and iPhone....

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