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ONE-HOUR COMEDY/DRAMA Taylor gets ‘mistaken’ for a girl on the first day of high school. Instead of correcting everyone, Taylor runs with it and learns...

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Goodbye Tomorrow

MP Boris

TELEVISION SERIES - PITCHING STAGE A time-travel love triangle. In the 26th century, a nerdy quantum physicist is forced to become a time travel assassin...

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Global Taxi

Picture 10

Global Taxi allows you to hail a virtual cab and listen to true stories of taxi-driver raconteurs - all of them travellers, immigrants, exiles and refugees...

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Finally, a gaming character 21st Century kids can directly relate to! With an addictive gameplay, Glitch is a modern 2D jumping game that will have...

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Games at Four

games at four 1

Teenage twin sisters find their loyalty tested when an afternoon of childhood games with friends brings them into more adult territories of rivalry and sexual...

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Gaku is a one-to-one communication tool that provides a meaningful space to share photos, video, and audio with loved ones across distances, specifically between grandparents...

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Greenwave is a Facebook application that encourages and facilitates cooperative participation in environmentally friendly team challenges. Greenwave users invite their friends to join them in...

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