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here:there is an autoethnographic installation that explores how the artist turns to social media to talk about her experience as a survivor of sexual assault....

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Habitual Instinct


Habitual Instinct challenges the predefined expectations participants hold with their relationship to technology and data by exposing anthropomorphic projections onto autonomous systems. The role Habitual...

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Hatter Areen Khan

This thesis project aims to create a deeper level of interaction with DOOH audiences through environmental data analytics. The research goal was to learn how...

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herd is a mobile music application designed to solve the problem of discovering and sharing music. The app automatically creates personalized playlists and makes new...


Home Again

home again 1

Three deportees are sent back to Jamaica only to be ostracized by their fellow islanders, forcing them to reconsider who they truly are and where...

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Hailstorm2 1

Deeply committed eco-terrorist, Hailey, is the leader of a radical group dedicated to bombing the meat-packing factory responsible for an E. coli outbreak that killed...

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hushdfi dataviz2

HUSH provides an objective, clear visual representation of the past, current, and forecasted noise levels in a space. HUSH is ideal for co-working spaces such...

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