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Just as two very hungry women discover their mean landlord has died and his weekly delivery of groceries is theirs for the taking, the food...

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Fish Whiskers


At a secluded cottage in the woods of Northern Ontario, three young friends, Agnes, Hannah, and Grace play outside, oblivious to the adult problems playing...

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Future Renaissance

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Future Renaissance imagines a distant future society of intelligent machines that only dimly remember humanity. With digital records lost or corrupted, the machines study humanity’s...

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A queer teenage boy takes his younger sister on an adventure wearing face paint and glitter for her tenth birthday. These colourful bandits move through...

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Faera & Koza

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FAERA & KOZA stands for a face and emotion recognition app and sensory development chair developed for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The app is a...

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FATED 1 450

An interactive film that merges the controllable POV camera with live­ action and animation in a linear storyline. The intention is to improve the film viewing...

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filthy 1

A dirt-phobic teacher whose personal life is falling apart seeks solace in a stranger only to find she must confront her phobias and uncover the...

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Frost Poster

When a season of scarcity threatens her family, a young arctic hunter embarks on a perilous search for food. Crossing the sacred boundary of her...

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Found Wanting

Why didn't you...? Why don't you...? Why won't you...? Found Wanting is a multimedia installation piece that taps into the inner guilt associated with the...

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