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Kent Donguines

SHORT FILM CALLING CARD Paco, a Filipino immigrant tries to make ends meet for his family back home. He works hard to get a deposit...

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Please Touch


Using the oddly shaped sculptures to interact with their environment, the participant is invited to push, prod, squeeze, and move around the sculpture-bots located within...

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When one identical twin sister seeks to carve out her own unique identity, she is met with violent resistance from her tyrannical mother and twin...

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Poetry e-motion

Electronic technology offers unprecedented opportunities fro building new aduiences and for the exposure, archiving, distribution and promotion of peotry texts. Poetry e-motions builds a bridge...

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PersonaLab is a community-based website that provides information, tools and resources needed for creating Personas. The community’s heart is a website that is consisted of...

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CFCDist Pudge 2008

12-year-old Violet just wants a winter jacket that fits, but what she gets is a surprising friendship that fits her best of all.

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prey 1

A young woman falls in love with a shoplifter in her family's convenience store, setting off a series of mishaps involving a lost doll, a...

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peep 1

Louis, a reclusive caretaker, who is kept up every night by wild sex in the apartment above him, is obsessed with making dioramas of ideal...

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Over the course of a night, two sisters roam the inner-city streets of their neighbourhood as they try to escape another stint in the foster...

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MM Preggoland Onesheet2

When 35-year-old Ruth ruins a baby shower with her juvenile antics, her old high school cronies-who are all mothers now-promptly de-friend her. But when she...

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