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Valley of Exile


FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD Two sisters, whose parents were killed in Syria, escape to a refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley after fleeing war-torn Damascus....

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CC Cazhhmere

TEASER PROOF OF CONCEPT The feature script, 2-Tone, tells the story of a group of teens gathered a late night diner to debate the justification...

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Virgin Summer

Life for 16-year-old Ben Feldman blows. His father – the neighbourhood’s rabbi – recently passed away and his mom is already shtupping Abe Brillstein, the...

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Virtual Urban Gallery

virtualurbangallery 770

Public art has an important relationship with its surrounding environment and is important not only for its aesthetic appearance, but also for the history and culture...

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It’s a few years in the future, and the world enters the post-antibiotic era. Minor infections are life- threatening. Surgeries fail more often than they...

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Virj Tall

VirJ is an innovative software application that enables mobile devices to remotely control digital music libraries, using a visual interface. VirJ combines several technologies into...

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Listen in on a journey of discover and creation, revealing the human passions and motivations behind innovation. From the everyday to the truly profound, hear...

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