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Jasna, a Serbian architect and mother, wants to create a better future for her daughter Nina, but her mental illness proves to be a problem...

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Emilia is a thesis project that investigates solutions to mitigate loneliness by supporting elders to connect with their families and friends through more intimate and...

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exospectra 770

Exospectra is a project based around the exploration of calm technology and information visualization. More specifically the work created demonstrates how light-based “calm” devices can be...


Explore Regent Park

regentpark 770

Explore Regent Park is a geolocative storytelling application that immerses the user in the history of Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood as they walk through the...

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“ESC” is a user-empowered suspense journey following the fate of five chat buddies who dare to attempt meeting each other in person. Featured at SIGGRAPH...

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Echo Live

Echo Live extends the concert experience beyond the confines of the live music venue. "Just-in-time" recording, authoring, and streaming allows the audience to capture the...

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Enter the Cipher

A young, Princeton-educated Jewish journalist befriends a Brooklyn gangster/would-be rapper and is drawn, moth-like into the flames of his seductive criminal underworld.

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escape 1

A depressed suburban housewife escapes the mundane realities of her everyday life by choosing a pastime that is as therapeutic as it is deadly.

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