Navigating an Immersive Data Visualization Environment


This installation is a desktop-based VR application that enables a single user to navigate an immersive virtual environment and explore the underlying data. It is built for studying how expert users explore large, multivariate, and geographically distributed data set using the latest immersive technologies. The study results are to contribute to establishing a better standard of interaction and interface design in VR. The immersive environment provides different means of navigation and perspective modes that can be used to examine the data. The data refers to City of Toronto’s Recreational Courses Historical Data 2015. They are represented as 3D bars and are distributed around a 2D map of Toronto. A user can virtually travel on the map via teleportation and physical walking. She can highlight one or more geographically distributed “community centres” (3D bars) and compare information between different locations.




Creator Bio

Davidson Minsheng Zheng

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