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Cast No Shadow

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Jude Traynor is a 13-year-old boy trying to navigate life in a rugged seaside town. When Jude’s abusive father is sent to prison, Jude takes...

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A union organizer in Mexico loses his job and joins a band of corrupt detectives planning to kidnap the company’s owner.

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Cruel Unusual poster small

A man is condemned to relive a crime he believes he didn’t commit. As he revisits his tragic last day and navigates his way through a strange...

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Cursing Hanley


Suspecting his ex-fiancée of placing a curse upon him, a doltishly charming man seeks to reverse his steadily mounting misfortunes.

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Cold Feet

cold feet

A meticulous thief and his lover rob the office where they first met and discover the seeds of their fate buried in the past.

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Cold Feet

ColdFeet Poster

COLD FEET is a dark comedy about a delicatessen worker who agrees to cut up a dead body for his boss, but makes a bigger...

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Chez Amore

chez amore

Some restaurants serve food, but Chez Amore serves love. Just don't ask for the Blueplate special. You might get more than you bargained for.

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Clara spends her birthday working the night shift at a furniture store. Emboldened by a bottle of champagne, she reveals her long-held attraction for a...

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Civil Disobedience


As the industrial wasteland of a northern town expands, the pristine natural surroundings erode. Michael (23) and Sammy (16), two local kids, are angry and feel...

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