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Woman Meets Girl

Murry Peeters 1

SHORT FILM CALLING CARD ANNABELLE, an awkward in her own skin forty-two-year-old woman, has invited eighteen-year-old TESSIE, an extroverted sex worker, to stay with her...

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Valley of Exile


FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD Two sisters, whose parents were killed in Syria, escape to a refugee camp in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley after fleeing war-torn Damascus....

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Kent Donguines

SHORT FILM CALLING CARD Paco, a Filipino immigrant tries to make ends meet for his family back home. He works hard to get a deposit...

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Brother, Man

Hedy photo 2021

First Feature Film - Packaging Stage Fumu, a teen stowaway from war-torn Angola jumps ship in a foreign port town, orphaned, traumatized, and in search...

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Director Headshot Bretten Hannam Photo Credit Jack Leahy

FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD In a rural east-coast trailer park, Link lives with his toxic father and younger half-brother Travis. When Link discovers his Mi'kmaw...

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Catastrophe Queens

Jessica Landry

ONE-HOUR SUPERNATURAL COMEDY After learning that their characters are being rebooted with younger actresses, aging scream queens Hazel Hellborne and Babe-ula find themselves at their...

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Vince Kesavamoorthy

HALF-HOUR COMEDY July/August transports you back to the 90s, through the eyes of Prashanth “Shawn” Ruban, a Tamil immigrant who is walking a teenage tightrope...

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Murry Peeters

ONE-HOUR DRAMA For many, the hope is that one enters as a criminal, and exits as a new person: reformed and ready to become a...

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Queen City

JP Larocque

ONE-HOUR DRAMA TORONTO, 1976. Among the porn theatres and decaying taverns of Yonge Street, meet Drew Jackson, a former constable — and son of the...

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This Place

Photo VTNayani1

FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD THIS PLACE is the story of two young women, Kawenniióhstha and Malai. They first cross paths fatefully late one night at...

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Learn to Swim

LearntoSwim Falco 21B smaller b37a8fe5 49ee eb11 a9d5 0edcbcd33718

After a tragic event, Dezi (Thomas Antony Olajide), a Toronto jazz musician, flees in an attempt to rebuild his life, only to find himself haunted...

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