HALF-HOUR COMEDY July/August transports you back to the 90s, through the eyes of Prashanth “Shawn” Ruban, a Tamil immigrant who is walking a teenage tightrope of staying true to his family, while building a new life in Canada. This half hour comedy of culture clashes follows the Ruban family and Shawn's “chosen” fam, a tight trio of artistic underdogs,as they create mixtapes and videos to give their community a voice, while keeping their dreams in focus. It’s a story about a social housing community, two summer months, two different paths and of course... two turntables and a microphone.

Vince Kesavamoorthy

Creator Bio

Vince Kesavamoorthy (He/Him) is a community first storyteller, who is a passionate advocate for social justice at the intersection of art and technology. Alongside his production partner Dan Speerin, their creative journey has swept across YouTube, podcasts, film and even myspace (gen z, you can google it). The duo created three multi-platform current affairs series, tackling everything from youth culture to the 2016 US Election. Vince has been grateful to receive support from Google, BIPOC TV and Film, the Regent Park Film Festival as well as being a fellow of the Hot Docs Festival’s 2020 Doc Accelerator Emerging Filmmaker Lab.

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