Woman Meets Girl


SHORT FILM CALLING CARD ANNABELLE, an awkward in her own skin forty-two-year-old woman, has invited eighteen-year-old TESSIE, an extroverted sex worker, to stay with her in her mother, Libby's home. Over a vodka-fueled game of Never Have I Ever, they challenge each other to reveal themselves. Through the game, Annabelle and Tessie explore their differences and similarities, especially their fractured relationships with their parents: Tessie's mom died when she was ten and her dad kicked her out, while Annabelle's dad left when she was young. Through their conversation, an undeniable chemistry builds between them that neither knows what to do with. While Tessie initiates contact, wordlessly extending the offer of a sexual liason, Annabelle's discomfort gets in the way and she brings the evening to a close. With the possibility of a deeper connection hanging in the air between them, Annabelle watches after Tessie, who heads off to bed.

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Murry Peeters


Murry Peeters



Creator Bio

Murry Peeters (She/Her) is an actor/screenwriter. Recent screenwriting credits include:THE PARKER-ANDERSONSandAMELIA PARKER. Her screen credits includeNBC’s TAKEN,FAR CRY 5andMY LITTLE PONY. Peeters and her past acting experience enable her to write material populated by richly diverse and layered characters. She was selected to participate in the inaugural class of the WarnerMedia Access x Canadian Academy Writers Program. She is also an alumna of the Canadian Film Center’s 2018 Writers’ Lab, a 2018 Magee TV Diverse Screenwriters Award recipient and a Netflix-Banff 2019 & 2020 Diversity of Voices participant. Peeters spearheaded #StartWith8HollywoodNorth, a program aimed at connecting industry leaders and emerging women and non-binary, BIPOC creatives.

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