This Place


FEATURE FILM CALLING CARD THIS PLACE is the story of two young women, Kawenniióhstha and Malai. They first cross paths fatefully late one night at a laundromat in Toronto. As they begin to grow closer and explore the possibility of more, both are separately forced to confront their families in unexpected ways. Through two legacies complicated by love and loss, this film looks at the experiences of those living in the liminal space between worlds, displaced both abroad and at home. At the centre of it all remains their daughters, an unlikely pair of young lovers, whose journeys we follow together and apart.

A woman pushing a piece of hair behind another woman's ear


V.T. Nayani



Creator Bio

V. T. Nayani is a director, producer, and writer for the screen. She is an alumna of the CFC Directors’ Lab, CBC’s Workshop for Diverse Creators, Hot Docs’ Doc Accelerator Lab, and Reelworld Film Festival’s Emerging 20 Program. She is also currently a participant in the 2021/22 Canadian Academy Directors Program for Women. In 2022, Nayani will make her long-awaited feature directorial debut with THIS PLACE, produced in partnership with Telefilm Canada, CBC Films, CFC/Netflix Accelerator, and Inside Out.

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