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Just as two very hungry women discover their mean landlord has died and his weekly delivery of groceries is theirs for the taking, the food...

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Under the guise of well-intentioned performance notes from his esteemed theatre director, a young actor must decide if he can be complacent as his identity...

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Better at Texting

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When a radical, Indigenous, feminist, and a devout, Black, Mormon are paired up on a school assignment they exchange contact information and reluctantly begin chatting...

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With Feeling


Long divorced parents, Gina and Ron, join their daughter Miranda and her partner, Jason, for dinner. When their daughter announces her engagement, and with a...

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Misha's only daughter, June, is very sick. After five days at home, June's school reports her absence to the state, prompting agents from the Bureau...

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Lola’s Wake


After being told about a Filipino tradition, Joelle, an impressionable young girl, is convinced that demons will steal her deceased grandmother’s body if she leaves...

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JALA Small

Jala is a feisty preteen who dreams of becoming a synchronized swimmer. With tryouts only a few days away, Jala becomes aware of a potential...

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Fish Whiskers


At a secluded cottage in the woods of Northern Ontario, three young friends, Agnes, Hannah, and Grace play outside, oblivious to the adult problems playing...

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Olivia and her maid Anna are in love, and stealing a secret moment together. But their moment of tranquility ends abruptly when Olivia’s husband, John,...

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Sand. Rock. Palm.


When Yasu, an incredibly observant and thoughtful young girl, decides she no longer wants to eat things that are alive, her father takes it as...

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