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Radar Media


Radar Media is an amplification company.

Our North Stars:

  • Amplify underrepresented voices.
  • Facilitate conversations to spark meaningful change.
  • Ensure humans are treated fairly and get a fair wage.
  • Form communities of like-minded individuals that allow humans to live authentically as they move through the world.



REALLIFE is the first boutique agency with a South Asian female - Kulbinder Saran Caldwell - as founder/owner representing diverse, neurodiverse and LGBTQ writers. REALLIFE incorporates a diversity mandate within core product offering. The company's vision is to have more BIPOC representation in film/television industry and put the spotlight on diverse storytellers. Our premise is to provide a nurturing environment in which its writers can create high quality, award-winning content. Along with being an agent, REALLIFE also acts as a manager and helps writers develop their projects by connecting them with various mentors, story editors and by organizing script table reads to strengthen content and provide the extra support many of these new and emerging writers need. REALLIFE’s literary arm is part of REALLIFE Pictures Inc. umbrella which also has a production company and a female filmmakers’ coaching program. The company is a member of CMPA and PRO (Producers Roundtable of Ontario). REALLIFE’s development slate includes limited drama series THE NIGHTBIRD adapted from Canadian novel by Anita Rau Badami which was selected for NSI Business for Producers program; a new dramedy series from creator Anil Kamal called SAFFRON and thriller HIGHWAY 2 from award-winning writer/director Eva Thomas.



REALM is a cultural agency that provides one stop service on content, production, and public relations. We dedicate to serve clients in both Canadian and Asian markets.

The team focuses on digital branding, production, and public relations to help clients from East and West to establish and strengthen cross-cultural collaborations and pioneer opportunities in digital platforms. Our team possesses unique strengths in cultural creativity and multilingual agility. Apart from branding and communications, REALM will bridge and foster Sino-Canadian trade businesses in investor funding, mergers and acquisitions, and strategic launches.