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Founded by Chrissy Gow, AccessAR (AAR) creates augmented reality content for event, conference and festival organizers; fashion, entertainment, lifestyle and CPG food, beverage and cosmetic brands.

AAR became a Certified Snapchat Lens Studio Partner in January 2019, and launched Pixils —shareable 3D Lenses and Filters — for social media marketing. These premium experiences are currently the easiest way to get high-performing, hyper-realistic augmented reality experiences into consumers’ hands via apps they already have on their mobile devices.

Starting a viral campaign is now easier than ever! Engage and excite your audience on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram with a new form of interactive content.

Achimostawinan Games


Achimostawinan Games is an Indigenous owned and operated video game company dedicated to developing Indigenous games for an Indigenous audience (and the world) while also helping Indigenous artists and communities develop interactive and digital content.

At Achimostawinan Games, we strive to create stories that speak to you. After all, Achimostawinan means, “Tell us a story” in Cree. We believe in crafting original Indigenous stories for everyone.

Adani Pictures


Adani Pictures is a Toronto-based TV and digital production company, helmed by producers Jessica Adams and Rua Wani. Adani has an active development slate, having won funding from the highly selective Bell Fund (Slate Development Program) as well as Ontario Creates’ Interactive Digital Media Fund. As a proud women- and immigrant-led company, Adani Pictures’ mandate is to tell progressive stories that capture the zeitgeist, and reflect perspectives from underrepresented voices and communities.

Alternative Food Network


At Alternative Food Network we believe food can be medicine, a tool in the integrative tool box to heal and balance. Alternative Food Network is a niche multi-media resource at the intersection of food and personal best health. We produce cooking videos and informative podcasts with experts in the fields of medicine, science and nutrition to help health-minded adults get informed about what to eat to prevent, manage and even reverse disease. Our mission is to foster a 'can-do' approach to eating for a healthy and energetic life.



Toronto-based Piglion Studio, developers of such intellectual properties as Coin and Flour, Jet Loaf and Silent Destiny, was merged in the spring of 2014 with assets from Skunkworks International to create a new studio called AnimangaPLUS. The new studio focuses on apps in the animated comic space and partners with producers globally to create new content for licensed brands.

ApprenticeA Productions


ApprencticeA Productions is the largest online video production company in Canada. The ApprenticeA Network currently has 1,730 videos, 80,540,036 views, and 280,077 subscribers.



The AsapSCIENCE YouTube channel was launched on May 28, 2012 by Canadians Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown, having both completed a B.Sc in Biological Science. They aimed to create videos that would inspire and educate people of all ages to take an interest in science. AsapSCIENCE began as a YouTube channel offering scientific explanations through its weekly science-educational animated web series, but has since established itself as a much sought-after brand and production company, securing book deals and a TV deal with the CBC, and producing a series of sports-related videos that aired daily during the Olympics.

AVA Animation & Visual Arts


AVA Animation & Visual Arts is a team of professionals with award winning expertise in projection mapping and interactive content for immersive spaces. A creative team that thrives on creating exceptional visual solutions for live entertainment and transforming events into extraordinary visual experiences with technology, creativity and emotion. Since 2010, they have achieved several international awards, two permanent installations in Mexico and four in Japan. Their studio is now based in Toronto and our clients include international tourism associations, theme parks, light festivals, and private events.

AWE Company Limited


Founded in 2012 by Srinivas Krishna and led by a team of media executives, software engineers and designers, AWE has rapidly grown to become a leading developer of advanced mobile augmented and virtual reality software. As a partner in Google’s new AR device initiative, Project Tango, the company’s applications were highlighted at the 2015 Google I/O. AWE’s patent-pending innovations stem from its extensive, on-going R&D, both in house and in collaboration with scientists at universities.