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B4brand is a bilingual English/French, multicultural, storytelling-driven marketing agency for purpose-driven brands. We help brands that take a stand on values connect with conscious consumers by creating cross-platform content to bring brand stories to life online and offline.

B4brand believes that marketing has a greater purpose than consumerism. Our vision is to empower consumers so that they can make informed purchasing decisions based on a genuine connection of shared values with brands, enabling conscious consumerism.



Babe Nation is a Toronto-based boutique indie production company that champions female and emerging voices behind and in front of the camera. Producers Katie Bird Nolan and Lindsay Tapscott specialize in the hands-on creative development and production of character-driven scripted content from a diverse slate of international filmmakers.



Founded in 2015, Babylon VR aims to accelerate the adoption of Virtual Reality by making content creation and distribution easier. The team began as a VR creative studio, building customized VR experiences in the real estate and architecture industries, which led them to create their intuitive web-based platform that allows anyone to build and share VR content.

BeMused Network


BeMused Network is a technology company with a focus on the transmission and preservation of humanistic knowledge. 

Big Bang Beige


Big Bang Beige creates and produces virtual events and experiences. We offer experience design, multimedia design and production, specializing in virtual and hybrid. Whether it’s for corporate, consumer, or non profit, large or small; we work collaboratively with clients to create what's best and most effective for them in the new post-2020 ecosystem of connection and interaction.

Big Bang Beige provides support when and where you need it for your team, including a broad network of skilled and vetted freelance partners to fill any other temporary gaps you or your organization may have.

Big Kitten Productions


Big Kitten is a Production Company built on creative first, created by the company founder and collaborators with a genre focus on comedy, horror and drama. 



BLACK FOODIE is a versatile media platform and creative agency sharing the food stories of the diaspora through original production, sponsored content, and digital activations. 

With a strong digital presence and an online following of over 100 000+ foodies, our content has reached millions of viewers since launching in 2015.



Named a "Top 10 Startup in AdTech," Blockthrough helps online publishers recover the revenue they're losing to adblockers.

20-30% of the Internet runs an adblocker today (over 80% of traffic for some websites), and publishers have no reliable way to monetize their adblocked traffic. Yet most adblock users are willing to see ads, so long as they load fast, don't have malware, and don't disrupt their experience.

Blockthrough allows publishers to monetize their adblocking users, making ads undetectable to adblockers, while providing users with a better advertising experience.



Operating across the verticals of VR, AR, robotics and drones,BreqLabs uses ultrasound to track objects in 3D space with sub-millimeter accuracy. The proprietary solution provides a 10-15x cost advantage over competing tracking technologies, with no mass-production risk for partners. Currently being integrated into leading enterprise AR headsets, BreqLabs is in the final rounds of evaluation with smartphone OEMs to create branded VR headsets. 



Launched early 2015, Brinx Software built virtual reality products for major enterprises, such as Lockheed Martin and Shopify. During this time, it became clear that 3D digital content creation is a major $100 billion dollar problem. At the start of 2016, we pivoted to focus our energy on working full time to so make it easy for anyone to create 3D content through easy VR tools and the ability to collaborate. As of Jan 2017, we have now successfully taken a world- wide lead in collaborative 3D sculpting, and will continue to focus our energy to be the best collaborative sculpting software available anywhere.