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Filmtyme is working on filmmaking tools to enable real time collaborative moviemaking in virtual reality. 



FitIn is a Fitness and Mental Wellness App.

We're dedicated to helping Canadians find physical fitness and mental health solutions - quickly and easily. Our goal is to provide a complete resource for any kind of fitness, physical health, or mental wellness class. By helping people see the opportunities available, we hope to empower them to make the choices that are right for them.



Flipside started in 2014 as The Campfire Union. Flipside the software began in early 2016, evolving out of a series of experiments in virtual performances and social VR. We're a small team of developers and artists who believe technology should make things better. Join us in making a future that empowers everyone to share their imagination with the world.

Foodpreneur Lab


Foodpreneur Lab is a non-profit whose primary mandate is to provide equitable access and a business model for success in food product entrepreneurship by providing skills knowledge and resources that address systemic gendered and racial barriers in the industry. We focus on food economic development for BIPoC women who are disproportionately impacted. We provide programming, advisory services and alternative solutions that address barriers related to launching and sustaining a food business

Friday Things


Friday Things is a new media brand for millennial and Gen Z women that launched in January 2020. It provides its audience with intersectional cultural analysis on topics including entertainment, celebrity, politics, technology, fashion, food and internet culture—and situates those pop culture happenings in a greater context that includes issues of race, gender, ability, class, sexuality, etc.

Friday’s mission is to use entertainment journalism to spark conversations about deeper issues and provide racialized and otherwise ‘marginalized’ readers with content that centres them. Our goal is to evolve into a full-fledged media brand that can give equity-seeking groups a place to share their own perspectives and insights.