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Secret Location


Just five years old, Secret Location employs 60 staff at their offices in Toronto and L.A. To create successful interactive experiences, we believe our company needs to strike a balance between three industries: working to build and extend our clients’ brands, creating entertaining experiences and developing our own original technology to build on the skill set we provide to clients.

Seen Media


Seen Media began almost two years ago, from a desire to enable better and more personalized event discovery and experience. Its guiding principle – what you know shouldn’t be limited by who you know – led to the design of a social news platform, one fundamentally shaped by your interests. Seen currently has three full-time staff members working on the platform, Andrei Sabau, Chansa Kalunga and Alex Li, and several people working part-time, dedicated to seeing this platform become a reality.

Shark Teeth Films


Shark Teeth Films is an award winning independent Television Production Company. Telling fresh, character driven stories from a unique point-of-view is our distinctive style. Creating the highest quality productions that inspire and entertain viewers is the end result.

Sisterhood Media


Sisterhood Media is a business dedicated to producing and distributing films, podcasts, and other forms of digital media to audiences from minority groups. Our mission is to develop projects in-house and license films from Canadian filmmakers to distribute through our subscription video-on-demand streaming service, Sisterhood Media TV, host free screenings with our series Movie Night, and teach industry knowledge to emerging filmmakers.

SlimCut Media


Toronto-based SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for online publishers. SlimCut Media gives easy access to advertising demand through in-article video ad units and engages consumers with reader reward programs, and combines these features into a single platform. 

Smiley Guy Studios


Smiley Guy Studios (SGS) is an award-winning full-service production company with expertise in animation, design, writing, sound, music, and interactive media.

Founded in 1998 by graduates of Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre, SGS has since grown in size and capability, with expertise in vector-based animation, computer-generated imagery and multi-platform production. It produces its own original content while also collaborating with clients on a variety of animated TV, film and new media projects.

Snail Mail Media


Snail Mail Media is an independent production company specializing in commercially viable, character-driven projects. Our vision is to bring the sidekick into the spotlight because we all deserve to be heroes. Our mission is to expand the media landscape with interesting and complex stories, prioritizing projects with racialized LGBTQ+ people on screen and behind the camera.

Sonder Creative


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Springbay Studio


Springbay Studio is an award-winning educational game development company based in Toronto Canada. So far we've created three video games and received 9 awards from prestigious organizations, including the Best app for teaching and learning from the American Association of School Librarians. Our game - iBiome-Ocean was recognized by the United Nations Environment Programme as one of the world-class games in its research. Our mission is to nurture an eco-focused mindset through gaming. We are proud to be the only one in Canada that focuses exclusively on environmental challenges.



StagePage is a performing arts intelligence company and data platform, founded by artist and producer, Mariel Marshall. The company specializes in B2B personalized product recommendation solutions that empower arts organizations and festivals to grow their audience.

Think OKCupid’s matching power combined with Spotify’s ‘discover weekly’ recommendations, designed for live theatre, dance and opera events.

Finding great live entertainment has never been more daunting. The discovery barrier is so high that many audiences will choose alternatives like Netflix or dining out, to the time-intensive work of manually sorting through reviews, ratings and event listing sites. Recommendation engines have been used to solve discovery challenges in many domains, but few have been developed to handle the complexities of “live” events. StagePage was started out of a desire to solve this ambitious challenge. Working in close collaboration with major arts organizations, including Ontario’s largest performing arts festival, the Toronto Fringe, the company has developed a new technology that harnesses the power of machine learning and data intelligence to power personalized recommendations. 

Sticky Brain Studios


Sticky Brain Studios is a company that designs smart experiences that make you think. We help companies connect with audiences by creating interactive games, apps, and digital content. Since it formed in 2013, the Sticky Brain team has delivered over 50 games and digital products for clients.

We also develop our own IP inspired by new twists on traditional structures, stories, and experiences.

Sticky Brain Studios is a team of bright, quirky people from all walks of life. We look for talented professionals who bring a little something else to their work than the status quo. Sticky Brain Studios is a collaborative environment, and we value the diverse opinions, thoughts, and ideas from everyone on our team.

Stitch Media


Stitch Media is an award-winning digital media production company specializing in interactive multi-platform content. Stitch is recognized for interactive storytelling using innovative technology, program enhancements and cutting-edge game design that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. More than a service company, Stitch collaborates as a creative partner from concept to completion.



StoryBilder is a creative writing platform that bridges the gap for new and intermediate writers. We support writers through flexible narrative frameworks, a library of adaptable story assets, and integrated, experiential education layer, and we're built to foster creativity no matter what or how you write.

We'll help you keep track of all your story's pieces and put them together in an order that makes sense - to you. With special tools and educational prompts sprinkled throughout, StoryBilder gives you the confidence and support you need to finish that novel - or novels - you've had kicking around in your head. 

Studio Millie


Millie is a friendly digital agency seasoned in branding, copy & content, and web design. We support lifestyle businesses in all stages of their business, from ideas-on-a-napkin to acquisition and beyond.



Introduced in 2013, SubPac produces a wearable sound system that features tactile audio technology. It unlocks the power of sound by optimizing the physical experience of sound. Users feel and do more with music, games, VR and film, all of which are powerfully augmented by SubPac’s enhanced sound waves pulsing through the user’s body. This revolutionary new sensory experience empowers gamers to perform better, pro athletes to train harder, and music lovers to deepen their connection to the tracks they love.

Already in use by world-class DJ's, musicians, gamers, virtual reality developers and film aficionados, SubPac heightens a level of awareness, impact and immersion in the user. Company partners include music super-producer Timbaland, NBA stars Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony, and Google tech legend Andy Rubin. Fast Company named it one of the “Most Innovative Companies in the World 2016,” noting that it has “kicked off a revolution in physical audio by enabling experiential sound to improve all forms of entertainment – not only music, but also video games, virtual reality experiences, cinemas, automobiles.”

Sunstar Worldwide Studio


Sunstar Worldwide Studio is a media production company that specializes in delivering world-class video content across social media and broadcast platforms. Our goal is to create video content that informs, entertains and enlightens audiences of the vastness of the Black Canadian experience.

We want to bring this unique experience across the world!



Synervoz builds audio and voice communications software. The Synervoz voice network connects headphones, car stereos, living rooms and any end point with speakers and a microphone. The software can be licensed for use with streaming music apps, TV, video, fitness apps, enterprise software and elsewhere. The technology will also be used in applications including construction, noisy industrial facilities, nightclubs, and to replace two-way radios in other applications. 

The core technology comprises an always-on, voice-over-IP network in which many people can connect simultaneously, deep audio technologies that recognize specific sounds and voices and context-based controls using NFC, GPS, 3D sound, and more.