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Laughing Cat Productions


Laughing Cat Productions creates original media content that is compelling, daring, intelligent, and forward-thinking.

We create IP in both narrative and documentary formats, with a focus on stories that centre and appeal to women and non-binary audiences who are still underrepresented in mainstream media. Our work has been recognized by ValueCine for shattering gender representation norms - on-screen representation of women in our films accounts for over 90% of total screen time and dialogue spoken.

As thought leaders and gently disruptive changemakers, we believe that a more equitable entertainment industry is not only achievable, but also incredibly necessary (and long overdue!) We believe that everyone deserves a seat at the table, that all bodies deserve to be represented in the media, and that all voices deserve to be equally heard and supported. Period.

We’re passionate about nurturing a culture of intersectional inclusion, care, and community while also creating excellent films. When hiring – both in front of and behind the camera - we prioritize supporting and creating opportunities for those who have been traditionally excluded from the entertainment industry.

In the not-so distant future, we hope that our inclusive ethos becomes the new industry benchmark for how mainstream media gets made.

LENS Immersive


LENS Immersive believes in quality, engaging, immersive storytelling paired with the world's most advanced streaming technology to seamlessly deliver these stories to market.

Founded in 2015, LENS is a virtual reality platform and content creation house, with its own unique compression codec technology to provide and produce pre-recorded/live virtual reality video content.

LENS has an established team with experience in visual effects, technology, motion picture production, and experimental fine arts. In the 18 months since founding, they have built a streaming infrastructure and VR distribution platform.

LENS is committed to bringing immersive storytelling to a whole new light.

Light The Girl Productions


Light The Girl Productions was co-founded by Linda A. Palmieri and Carin Moffat in 2016. It is a multi-platform production company, committed to creating original female content for film, television and digital networks. Dedicated to great storytelling, Light The Girl produces with an unwavering pursuit for compelling female perspectives rooted in authenticity, inclusivity and passion.

Light The Girl has an emerging slate of projects in development, including their first feature film, an adaptation of the multi award winning novel Everything Beautiful Is Not Ruined and an original 1 hour post-apocalyptic drama series titled SOLIS, created and written by Dana Brawer for premium television programming. The company is currently enjoying the success of their short film See Me Now, circulating on television networks throughout the United States via distribution by Hewes Pictures.



Lightouch is an EdTech in the creative industry segment designed to help parents and educators empower children to thrive and succeed in life by building their emotional intelligence and strengthening their soft skills.

Recently incorporated in Canada, we are a spin-off of a Brazilian company that has over fifteen years of experience in the field. We have a social purpose and our mission is to “develop human potential, inspire learning and transform lives”.

Liquid Cinema


DEEP is a Canadian/ German studio dedicated to exploring and defining the evolving language of cinematic VR.

Led by multiple Emmy Award winning filmmaker and innovator Thomas Wallner DEEP utilizes cutting-edge technologies to create highly immersive stories.

To meet this challenge DEEP is evolving Liquid Cinema™ a suite of sophisticated proprietary players and tools that allows the authoring and distribution of story based cinematic VR content across multiple platforms and devices.

Liquid Cinema is currently being used as a VR distribution platform by major European and US Networks including Dow Jones Corporation, The Wall Street Journal, ZDF and ARTE. Recently Google financed the expansion of the Liquid Cinema platform to include Daydream.

Little Engine Moving Pictures


Little Engine is an award-winning media company that develops, finances, produces and distributes original, innovative TV series, feature films and interactive content for an international audience of the young and young-at-heart.

Little Guy Games


Little Guy Games is an independent game studio located in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 2009, the studio develops games for Android, iOS, PC, Mac and Google Glass. We are home to a growing and diverse team of passionate developers who bring design, programming and art expertise to each project.

Little Robot Friends


Little Robot Friends create connected toys and apps for learning code and electronics. Designed for age 7 and up, our products make learning code fun and engaging, encourage the creative exploration of math and music, and inspire curious minds to discover their inner inventor. 

Lucky One Projects


Lucky One Projects is a production and editing company that works with brands, artists, influencers and creative entrepreneurs to make better video content, faster from anywhere in the world. We believe in democratising the filmmaking process and putting more women and marginalised bodies in front and behind the camera.