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Canopy Kids


Canopy Kids is a secondhand ship, as well as a collection of services and subscriptions to help your family thrive.

All the things we do - we do with love: Love for your families, our communities, and most importantly, the world we live in.

Capsule Media


Capsule Media is at the leading edge of cloud-based media management for the global media and entertainment industry. We offer the only cloud-based media management platform designed and built by people who have spent their lives working in the production and post-production industries. Our one-stop solution provides our clients with services and functionality to support the production, management and commercialization of content.

Change Creates Change Eating Disorder Care


Change Creates Change Eating Disorder Care is a women-run private practice that provides specialized eating disorder care to children and youth living with an eating disorder, as well as their families.



Founded in 2016, Cinehackers focuses on creating interactive narrative experiences using immersive technology. Our portfolio includes original short fiction films, games and documentaries virtual reality (VR) experiences. Through each piece, we strive to bring the viewer closer to the stories we are telling, by making them an active participant in the narrative.

Closed Caption Services


From broadcast television to digital media, CCS is Canada's frontrunner in full-spectrum media accessibility, providing closed captioning and descriptive video services for broadcasters, producers, educators, governments, production houses, festivals and more. 

Conquering Lion Pictures


Conquering Lion Pictures is a dynamic, independent Canadian production company based in Toronto, Canada. Under the leadership of Damon D’Oliveira and Clement Virgo, Conquering Lion has earned a reputation for developing and producing innovative films for both theatrical and television markets with a focus on character drive projects exploring cultural diversity and urban themes. Over the past years our films have been developed and produced primarily with the participation of Canadian-based financiers (Telefilm Canada, OMDC, THINKFilm, Equinoxe Films, TMN, Alliance Atlantis, CBC). High-impact both artistically and commercially, Conquering Lion has been selected for Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, and Toronto International Film Festivals. Past credits include Poor Boy’s Game (2007), starring Danny Glover; Lie With Me (2005); and RUDE (1995)



At Creatubbles, we believe that global interconnectedness does not necessarily mean gravitating to the lowest common denominator. Rather, we leverage technology to create a kinder, more humane and more aesthetic world, one in which a plurality of possibilities can be understood and explored, where nuance is valued. We have brought these core ingredients together to create a safe global community of creators, and now seek support to take Creatubbles to the next level.

Crossfield House Productions


Crossfield House Productions was founded in 2017 and is a Black-owned, award-winning production company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We produce film, theatre, and music, where we tell Black stories with honesty, compassion, humanity, authenticity, and love. Everything that we do is grounded in our 3 pillars: Storytelling through engaging content, Creating memorable experiences, and Empowering our community.

We are a place where the lights are always on and where creatives are watered daily.

Culture Creates


Culture Creates makes live events discoverable on the web. We specialize in generating RDF-based knowledge graphs to make information on what’s happening in the arts compatible with an AI-powered world. Knowledge graphs structure and link metadata in a machine-readable interconnected web to help people and machines navigate the complexity of the internet.

A team of arts professionals and technologists, we help arts organizations structure live events and be the digital authority of their own metadata. Be discovered by AI-powered search and virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.