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Idea Central


Idea Central is a creative strategy consulting agency based in Toronto Canada.

Our focus with Idea Central is to foster and nurture great storytelling that resonates and connects people to brands in meaningful ways using insights, creativity and strategies that mesh with the vision of our clients.

Idea Central was formed in 2017 when co-founders Jill Rosenberg and John Saydam saw an opportunity to fill an evolving void by combining their extensive digital, social media and award-winning creative storytelling expertise to offer clients and agencies senior level capabilities as an effective means to improve the digital footprints of their brands.

Idea Central takes a Human First/Design Thinking/ Digital Enhance approach. Customer behaviour and insight are used to define objectives and fuel creative solutions.

Impossible Things


Impossible Things is a creative-meets-technology company. It dreams up magical new experiences that blend the digital with the physical to captivate and engage audiences. At Impossible Things, we believe that augmented reality (AR) is a powerful new platform, one that will rapidly and drastically transform the way we create, present and exchange information, ideas and cultural experiences. Working in such a nascent form, Impossible Things not only crafts compelling AR experiences, but also engineers new tools needed to achieve its vision. 

Infinite Frame Media


Infinite Frame Media is an immersive content creation studio focused on telling thought-provoking stories. We use Virtual and Augmented Reality to connect audiences to the subject matter in meaningful ways.
Our proprietary portable volumetric technology allows us to film subjects for use within immersive environments to create lifelike and engaging scenarios that would not be possible in any other medium.
Our projects aim to not only bring awareness to difficult topics, such as reproductive health, violence against women, and climate change but to open minds, shift perspectives and ignite conversation, action, and change in the real world.

Innovate by Day


Innovate By Day is a woman-led social media and digital content company known for engaging online communities and building turnkey, customized solutions for clients. Focussed on serving social enterprises, non-profits, special events, and entertainment and gaming companies, Innovate expertly navigates digital trends on behalf of its clients. Listening to audiences and influencers, cultivating conversations and developing creative, compelling content are its core strengths. Founded in 2010, Innovate By Day has had extensive experience in launching and sustaining digital audiences for a variety of companies and brands. Specializing in comprehensive, strategic marketing, customized digital content, community engagement and paid reach, Innovate By Day has been at the forefront of social listening. Committed to niche, interactive audiovisual content that extends narratives, Innovate By Day generates conversations that give audiences compelling reasons to connect, return, share, and champion their communities.



itsme creates animated, photorealistic full-body 3D avatars that can be used for social VR/AR, online shopping, minimizing business travel, gaming, marketing, personalized emoji. We have created a secure, private platform to capture transactional avatar-related purchases for years to come.



ivvi’s predictive insights enables top brands to identify rising stars, while optimizing budgets to extend campaign success. ivvi strategizes with leading companies such as Universal Studios, Samsung,,, Sid Lee and more, through leading predictive analytics technology.