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GamerLink is creating a gaming tool that allows gamers to connect with other gamers for better online multiplayer experiences. We help gamers discover others to play with online, as well as improve gaming experiences for users by connecting gamers of similar skill, playstyle, demographics and more.

Gifting Sense


Gifting Sense helps children get ready for all the personal finance decisions that lie in their future, by teaching them how to think before they buy. Our workshops and tools allow children to experience first-hand that thinking before buying is a powerful and rewarding, not boring, life skill.

Personal finances are no different than team sports, to "win" you have to be both offensive (earn) and defensive (spend wisely). We teach kids how to practice strong financial defence. And when children learn how not to waste money, families experience increased harmony, improved financial well-being, and the knowledge that they are helping protect the planet. It's a win-win-win.

So let's give today's youth what has to be one of the best gifts ever: the habit of thinking before buying. We've made it easy and fun to do just that!



Globacore is an award-winning creative technology company specializing in mixed and virtual reality, custom-branded game development, large-format multi-touch walls and tables – and generally bringing unique human-computer interactions to life. Working primarily in the experiential marketing space for brand activations, museums, events and retail interactive, Globacore’s mission is to make the world a more engaged place.



At a time when audience expression has never been more crucial, the relationship between media and their audiences is suffering. The main means of direct engagement for media audiences – written comments – is troll-filled and offers low user value. Users are tuning out and media are looking for answers. Through GoodTalk’s video comment engagement tool, we offer users something more meaningful, emphasizing recognition and civility. And for media clients, GoodTalk provides a low-lift, low-cost way to increase audience engagement across platforms.



Create. Elevate. Engage. Change.

GraysonX is a content-creation company that builds new frameworks for collaboration, creative ideas and high-end immersive content. We lead from the front lines of innovation, art and technology, bridging the gap between new media and creators. We aim to elevate, engage, create, change and shape culture.

Greenlight Essentials


Greenlight Essentials is a company that is dedicated to helping entertainment professionals better understand movie data and bring big data analysis to the film industry.