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Statescapes is an three-screen-reliant expanded cinema installation that explores cinematic timeline subversions, repetition, and cyclicity within the context of memory and sensory awareness grounding techniques....

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Social Medium


In response to the socio-cultural impact of Internet connected devices, this research project seeks to create opportunities for real world, face to face interaction between...

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layout of smart kit

SMARTKIT is a hacking toolkit created to allow individuals with little hacking ability to enchant the ordinary functionality of home furnishings and endow them with...

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Seeker Number 1

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Seeker Number 1 is an interactive story which combines performance, filmed by multiple cameras and streamed live with an interactive installation at the exhibition space....

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Sitting Under a Highway

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Sitting Under a Highway is a research-creation project presented as an interactive audiovisual virtual and presential space. By wearing a head-mounted display (VR), a hand tracking...

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Sound Spaghetti

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Sound Spaghetti was created to help younger audiences learn about the fundamentals of synthesis by encouraging free play. Using a tactile interface, users experiment by...

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Site spotting


How can residents engage sooner, and more closely with development proposals in their neighbourhood? This project posits a mitigation of the ongoing problem of public...

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The Swamp prototype is a cell phone-enabled musical environment that allows you to explore your own creativity. This means that you can use your web-enabled...

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is an interactive installation where users create digital representations of themselves. They begin by digitally scanning their face and then move to one of three...

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Some Assembly Required

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New media offers storytellers fresh possibilities to express narratives. For audiences and viewers, the media grants unparalleled opportunity for their specific involvement and active participation...

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Shoe Vox

show voxx

This project is about people telling personal stories about shoes, and preserving these stories in shoeboxes in the same way we keep old photos and...

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