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Sand. Rock. Palm.


When Yasu, an incredibly observant and thoughtful young girl, decides she no longer wants to eat things that are alive, her father takes it as...

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Stray Dog


Angry and down-on-his-luck after getting robbed at a card game, Giorgio Puccini deliberately hits a young man with his car, whom he thinks is the...

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Sadie is trapped in an abusive relationship with a man she can’t help but love. After Jake falls through the ice of a river and...

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strands 1

STRANDS pays homage to Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and takes a cool, coy and timely look at the encroaching world of genetic science.

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Straight In The Face

straight in the face 1

Long-term couple Steve and Elias are undergoing a relationship shift and discovering the complications of a non-monogamous arrangement. In the meanwhile, their daughter Nicoletta, has...

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squeezebox 1

Teen accordion prodigy and compulsive organ squeezer, Bradley Bachs, wrestles with proto-Freudian angst as he tries to reunite the family band after his father's sudden...

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Spoonfed still for website

When a 10-year-old discovers the truth behind his stepfather?s continued affliction, he decides to take matters into his own hands and fix his dysfunctional family...

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Skinheads still

A jobless 30-year-old living with his mother has delusions of grandeur when skinheads surround their house. In trying to penetrate the skinhead's master plan, he...

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Silent Cargo


A group of illegal immigrants are smuggled across the ocean in a shipping container; only to have their humanity tested as they run out of...

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