SMARTKIT is a hacking toolkit created to allow individuals with little hacking ability to enchant the ordinary functionality of home furnishings and endow them with new capabilities which provide personal and social services that monitor and manage home consumables. By adding easy and affordable DIY enchantment, the democratically-designed SMARTKIT will help empower users to design the future of their homes in an accessible and affordable way that fulfills the unique requirements of each user. By using SMARTKIT, users can create a smart hanger which can manage the closet; and it can convert a drawer into a search machine which can dramatically reduce the physical searching time; it also can manage food waste by notifying the owner before it goes bad. The user cases of SMARKTKIT are not limited to these three scenarios. SMARTKIT could upgrade the furniture to a smart version based on the user’s personal needs. SMARTKIT makes the little things matter.

layout of smart kit



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Ling Ding

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