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Saul & Grace


FEATURE FILM - PACKAGING STAGE In the end, who will be there for you? Saul, an elderly Jewish man living in Israel, never imagined spending...

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Salmon Pink

CC Jamy

SHORT FILM PROOF OF CONCEPT Kara, Mickey, and Maeve are three high school seniors and close friends who, after discovering sophomore Bronte was coerced into...

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A group of frustrated waiters at a kitschy steakhouse take over their restaurant for one final, glorious, revenge-filled night when they discover they are all...

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Small Pond Glory

A woman is forced to sort through stale emotional baggage when she agrees to co-direct a Christmas pageant with her estranged sister in order to...

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Seth On Survival

Seth on Survival Production

Supernatural survivalist Seth hosts a web series teaching humanity how to survive the supernatural threats of werewolves, zombies, aliens and leprechauns. Helped by little bro...

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