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ARTable 770

ARTable xamines issues that come with the emergence of technology, such as the fear of boredom, of intimacy, and of face-to-face conversation. This thesis studies...

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Acclimatize is a web based interactive experience. It allows the user to follow the free flow narrative of TechTrekker, a traveller of the place and mind....

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ANX full2

Anxietyville is a darkly comic web series and Alternate Reality Game about the lives of six urban neurotics linked together in a web of technology-accelerated...

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A to B

AtoB 20

A to B is glassware that allows you to record routes during any activity, from running to skateboarding. You are then able to race against...

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Another Round

scene 1 mock up

Embedding the graphic novel within video-game space, Another Round tells the story of a young soldier coming to terms with his Iraq War experience. In...

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Alone Together

cfcprototype2011 install 037

Alone Together is an “art-app” designed for the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Playing with hypnotic circles on the touchscreen, audience members are asked to compose four-word...

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