Shoe Vox


This project is about people telling personal stories about shoes, and preserving these stories in shoeboxes in the same way we keep old photos and letters. People and shoes are bound together. They give us comfort, protection and personal pleasure. We buy shoes, wear them, give them a life to enjoy and afterwards discard them. They reveal who we are, what we do, where we came from and where we are going. Shoes tell a story about life, culture, a sense of self and spirit of personal history. Shoes are also a barometer of social status. They influence the way we regard each other and communicate with each other. Conceived for a physical installation system on the topic of the archive and memory, the user will find three shoeboxes in a dark room. These interactive shoeboxes will be storytelling devices, each holding a recorded shoe memory.

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Creator Bio

Margit Hideg & Yone Dudas

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