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Sophia is a well-meaning but struggling thirty-year-old parole officer on the cusp of losing her job. So when two of her parolees' misbehavior threatens to put an end to her career, a desperate Sophia deceives the two into believing they are long lost father and son, concluding both of their problems ultimately stem from a lack of family support. What results is an abnormal and trouble-prone family consisting of a charming and streetwise teenage boy, a ready-to-reform career criminal, and Sophia, the unofficial-matriarch-slash-parole-officer who herself has long been wanting for a family to call her own. Conditional is an off-beat, edgy and constantly funny family drama about reform, rehabilitation, the job of a parole officer, petty crime, fun cons, getting into trouble, staying out of trouble, and ultimately, the lengths we're willing to go for family – whatever “family” really even means.


Matt Houghton


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