Spooktacular Alumni Updates for October 2019

Posted: Oct 31, 2019

Two new alumni projects were released on Netflix in time for spooky season – horror feature In the Tall Grass, from Vincenzo Natali, and post-apocalyptic comedy-drama series Daybreak, from Brad Peyton. The new Batwoman series, directed by Holly Dale, premiered this month and is getting lots of attention. Alumni film The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open picked up several awards at various festivals. Read on to learn more about recent alumni updates and successes for October.

An older woman has her arm around a younger woman, trying to comfort her

The Body Remembers When the World Broke Open


A woman with an angry look on her face is tied to a chair using metal chains

She Never Died


Four teenagers walking side-by-side holding various weapons

Daybreak (Netflix)


Two young girls stand amongst large trees in a forest, holding hands



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