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Posted: Nov 4, 2019

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As part of an ongoing series that profiles the individuals and companies who support the CFC and our emerging talent, this month we shine the spotlight on CORBIN. We spoke with Chef Corbin Tomaszeski, Managing Partner of CORBIN catering, about what makes his business unique and we got some advice on starting your own business. 

What makes CORBIN unique compared to other catering companies?

CORBIN is unique because we are a boutique-style service focusing on personalized and curated menus and experiences. As managing partners, Helen and myself establish a relationship with our clients from the start and see through and attend each event. Our business is based on relationships focusing on achieving the ideal outcome.

How does CORBIN push the boundaries between food and art to elevate the guest experience?

By using fresh and seasonal ingredients paired with recipes and food preparations that are familiar to many, while being presented in an unconventional way that leaves a lasting impression. This summer, CORBIN partnered with a floral and décor artist creating an outdoor long table event where our open kitchen format, alongside the incredible table scape, culminated in a magical outdoor experience.

How does promoting farm to table reflect CORBIN’s philosophy?

Farm to table is not only a philosophy; it is who I am. While growing up on a farm, I remember how the beets were pulled from the soil and eggs were gathered from the chicken coup and they would magically become part of the family meal. Regardless of how tough a day could be, when it was time for dinner, we all sat down, enjoyed the food, and had family time. I learned to respect ingredients and to appreciate the most important part of meals – gathering with loved ones for quality time. These experiences form the foundation of what CORBIN will bring to your next event or gathering.

Why do you think audiences are so fascinated by shows about cooking and experiences with food?

People watch TV shows about cooking and food experiences because of relatability – we all have food in common. Food creates memories, reminds people of memorable times and is a sensory experience.

Whether you’re having a conversation with me, watching me on television, using my cook book or booking an event with CORBIN, you are drawn into the Celebrity Chef world. I think that my easygoing nature makes me an accessible Celebrity Chef; I enjoy describing and sharing my ideas and recipes, taking away the mystery of creating an amazingly sophisticated experience. Cooking represents lifelong learning – regardless of how long you’ve been doing it, there is always something new to learn and gain.

Why was it important for CORBIN to collaborate with the CFC at our Annual BBQ Fundraiser?

CORBIN and CFC share the same values when it comes to creativity – whether you’re an artist like a Chef using food as a palette, or a musician with an instrument, or an actor with a script; food, art and music connect people, thus making a perfect alignment with our mutual organizations. With the incredible landscape and venue spaces available at CFC, CORBIN is excited to be one of the premier caterers for CFC and its valued supporters and partners.

An ice sculpture and cocktail shrimp display at an event

An image of CORBIN’s installation at the 2019 CFC Annual BBQ

Chefs, filmmakers and entrepreneurs are all different types of risk-takers: what kind of advice would you give someone who wants to start their own business?

Part of being an entrepreneur means understanding what you’re good at, where you’ve achieved success in the past and how to stay focused on achieving the same goals for your own business. Some of the greatest risks are being distracted or being overly influenced by others who do not know what you know. Often they offer or provide advice based on their own personal experiences or knowledge. Remember – you’re the entrepreneur and it’s your business, stick to that lane.

Relating back to the original question, CORBIN will stick to our lane of being a boutique-style service focusing on personalized and curated menus and experiences.

For more information on CORBIN, visit corbins.ca or get in touch at info@corbins.ca416.723.6599

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