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Secret Location


Just five years old, Secret Location employs 60 staff at their offices in Toronto and L.A. To create successful interactive experiences, we believe our company needs to strike a balance between three industries: working to build and extend our clients’ brands, creating entertaining experiences and developing our own original technology to build on the skill set we provide to clients.

Shark Teeth Films


Shark Teeth Films is an award winning independent Television Production Company. Telling fresh, character driven stories from a unique point-of-view is our distinctive style. Creating the highest quality productions that inspire and entertain viewers is the end result.

SlimCut Media


Toronto-based SlimCut Media creates new premium advertising opportunities for online publishers. SlimCut Media gives easy access to advertising demand through in-article video ad units and engages consumers with reader reward programs, and combines these features into a single platform. 

Smiley Guy Studios


Smiley Guy Studios (SGS) is an award-winning full-service production company with expertise in animation, design, writing, sound, music, and interactive media.

Founded in 1998 by graduates of Norman Jewison’s Canadian Film Centre, SGS has since grown in size and capability, with expertise in vector-based animation, computer-generated imagery and multi-platform production. It produces its own original content while also collaborating with clients on a variety of animated TV, film and new media projects.

Sonder Creative


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Stitch Media


Stitch Media is an award-winning digital media production company specializing in interactive multi-platform content. Stitch is recognized for interactive storytelling using innovative technology, program enhancements and cutting-edge game design that blurs the lines between reality and fiction. More than a service company, Stitch collaborates as a creative partner from concept to completion.