Something You Said Last Night


FIRST FEATURE FILM - PACKAGING STAGE Something You Said Last Night explores the dynamics of the family unit and the ways in which we fail to see members of our families for who they are, and what they struggle with. Over the course of seven days, we follow Ren, an unemployed, trans girl, in her mid-twenties, and her Canadian-Italian family on a summer vacation. As tensions mount, the co-dependent nature of the family unravels as they test each other’s limits, and cross one another’s boundaries.

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Creator Bio

Luis De Filippis is a Canadian-Italian trans femme filmmaker whose work celebrates otherness and employs a fierce female gaze. Their work has played internationally at festivals such as TIFF, Rotterdam, and BFI. Their most recent work, For Nonna Anna, won the Best Short Narrative Award at the Atlanta International Film Festival and the Special Jury Prize at Sundance.

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