Larry’s Awesome Kegger


To win the love of class goddess Cindy Keating, seventeen year-old Larry O’Connor planned to throw the biggest party of the semester in her honour. There’s just one problem: someone told his parents. They cancelled their plans to protect their beloved house and punish their no-longer-beloved son. As Larry stood at his front door, turning away party guests, he could feel his social standing shrivel into non-existence. Thirty years later, Larry’s life is a shambles. His marriage has fallenapart. His daughter doesn’t respect him. He’s lost his job. He’s even forced to move back home with his parents – a tense situation all around, considering his dad just fired him. But hope’s not lost, after Larry learns that Cindy Keating recently left her husband, the man she hooked up with the night of Larry’s ill-fated non-party. Convinced that fate is offering him a second chance at happiness,Larry decides the only way to win Cindy’s heart is to finally throw that kegger. Larry’s about to find out that it takes a lot more than a free kegof beer to impress the girl of his dreams. It’s going to take commitment, dedication, tenacity and above all else, self-respect. Also, chips. Larry’s Awesome Kegger is a teen comedy for adults, and a reminder that while people get older, they don’t always grow up.


Dennis Heaton


Tex Antonucci


Dennis Heaton



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