A College Girl’s Guide to Pornography


Jennah Husani is a campus crusader. In her last year of university, there is nothing she can’t fix with a megaphone, a set of statistics and her own desire to force the world to be a better place. But there is one thing in her life that secretly upsets her: she’s not having any sex. Although the whole world tells Jennah that women can have sex whenever they want (and her friends are having sex constantly), the reality is that most guys just aren’t into girls like her. When Jennah meets Dustin at a university protest, she thinks her luck might change. He’s kind, he’s smart, and he’s not afraid of her. But when she goes back to his place, a promising hook-up turns into a fumbling, sticky mess. Dustin means well, but his sex game has been compromised by a lifetime of internet porn. He spits on her vagina, he lovingly hits her in the face with his penis, he poorly aims his facial, and he sees nothing wrong with any of that. Jennah, meanwhile, is so desperate not to be a downer in bed, she doesn’t say anything. As usual, she blames society; how can she have good sex when everything in popular culture, and especially porn culture, communicates that women who take control of their sexual destinies aren’t hot? To get the kind of sex that is satisfying both physically and politically to her, Jennah decides to produce feminist porn with her friends and change society’s narrative of women and sex. Of course, she’s been expressly told it’s against the University’s rules, but she decides that no one needs to know. With the help of her people like sympathetic but equally sexually-confused Sara, hedonistic but cynical Margot, well-meaning pretty boy Ryan, and sexy French exchange student Ava, Jennah stages the most empowering female sex movie of all time - at first. It doesn’t take long for her to realize, though, that crusading for a better world is a lot harder when you’re taking on something as personal, emotional and messy as sex – especially when the Dean is watching.


Mika Rekai


Jordan Walker


Jeremy LaLonde



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