IDEABOOST Network Connect Kicks Off 2019

Posted: Mar 13, 2019

Photo collage of two images. Top image: A group of people sitting on chairs and formed together in a circle. Bottom Image: A group of people sitting in chairs all facing towards a woman standing next to an orange pull up banner.

On Thursday, March 7, the IDEABOOST-Network Connect community reconvened at Watershed Partners in downtown Toronto, with the first Network Connect event of the year. After brief introductions, familiar faces and newcomers alike were matched up with mentors and then grouped into small huddles for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing.

Startup founders who attended not only received expert advice and guidance in various industries, but also participated in a peer exchange for an open, honest dialogue about the triumphs and challenges of the startup world.

“Each event in this series we run is custom-built for our Network Connect founders,” says Ana Serrano, Managing Director, IDEABOOST. “We ask detailed questions, determine their challenges and match them with the right people who are in a similar stage and/or can offer solutions. Network Connect is about community-building, mentoring and giving our founders a safe space to be authentic and give each other valuable feedback.”

Network Connect events happen quarterly and are open to all members of the IDEABOOST-Network Connect community. The next event will take place on June 4, so if you’re not yet a member, apply here so you don’t miss out.

Photo collage of three images. Top image: Two women sitting next to each other, one of them is writing on a whiteboard. Bottom Right Image: Three people sitting around a laptop and looking at the screen. Bottom Left: Five people talking while sitting in a circle on chairs.

Photo collage of two images. Top image: Three groups of two people. Each couple are sitting across from each other and talking. One man in the middle group is writing on a white board. Bottom Image: Two groups of people sitting separately. One group of three is sitting in the foreground while there is a larger group behind them, sitting in a circle formation.

Photos by Brian de Rivera Simon.

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