The Young Arsonists


FIRST FEATURE FILM - PACKAGING STAGE Set amongst the sparse landscape of an isolated farming community, 5 adolescent girls band together to escape their desolate lives. By reclaiming an abandoned farmhouse as their own, they form an intense and obsessive bond that leads them to a dark place where their innermost fears and desires destroy their only safe place.

MP Sheila

Creator Bio

Sheila Pye was born in Millgrove, Canada in 1978 and studied painting and photography before doing her Master’s Degree in film production at Concordia University in Montreal. As a writer and director, she has completed nine award-winning short films, including The Red Virgin, many of which screened at the Locarno Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival. Sheila is currently based in Madrid and in 2018 founded the production company Luna1 dedicated to producing female driven projects.

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