Cohort 8 Goes “Under the Hood” in Sprint Two

Posted: May 29, 2019

On May 9 and 10, IDEABOOST Accelerator Cohort 8’s mentors and startups gathered at the Watershed Coworking Space in downtown Toronto for their second sprint. In their first session, the companies introduced themselves to the mentors and each other, and discussed what they wanted to achieve through the Accelerator. In this second one, they built on those foundations by identifying areas of growth for their company and working together with mentors to explore solutions. Check out this photo diary below for some highlights of the two-day gathering.

A tv screen between two pull up banners.

The second spring brought us to downtown Toronto’s Watershed coworking space.

Two men standing next to a white board.

Daniel Mathews of Podyssey and Erik Peterson of Origami XR prove that great minds think alike!

Four photo collage. Each photo has a person standing next to a pull up banner and point to a tv screen.

Clockwise from top left: Alannah O’Neill, Barnaby Marshall, Kevin Bache, and Melody Ma present revised pitches based on feedback they received in the first sprint. 

Photo Collage. Top Photo: A man standing with his arms wide in front of him and a woman standing next to him smiling. Bottom photo: People standing in a bright lit room with wooden shelves in the middle.

Our founders and mentors bring expertise from a range of different fields, and the Accelerator’s four sprints give them the opportunity to pool their knowledge and problem-solve together.

Three people sitting and looking down.

“I’ve been really impressed by the quality of the mentorship here and pleasantly surprised by the other cohort members and how we’re giving each other advice. It’s been useful for us to take a bird’s eye view of the company and dissect important things about it,” says Daniel Mathews, co-founder of Podyssey, pictured here (left) with mentors Aaron Williamson and Suzanne Stein.

Three people sitting together next to a white board.

Founders spent most of their time in intensive sessions with mentors who worked with the companies individually to work on helping the companies grow.

Three people sitting on chairs and facing the left.

Mondo Forma founders Jonah Brotman and Stephanie Ngan in a breakout mentor session with Warren Coughlin (far left). 

Four people sitting on chairs and talking.

The mentors’ insights come from years of experience in the industries that the cohort 8 companies are entering. As Erik Peterson explains, “This sprint has really connected us on the ground floor to Canadian business in ways that we haven’t been connected before.” 

Two people sitting on chairs while one person is standing next to a white board.

“This part is exciting and rewarding because we get to go under the hood around achieve the next set of goals for these companies,” explains mentor Mona Minhas (foreground). “It feels tangible because we’ve set very specific objectives and we’re doing deep into going into solving them.”

Two people sitting on chairs and one person standing next to a white board.

Ken Macneil of Capsule media meets with mentors in a breakout session.

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