AI Stylist: What Do I Wear? Mobile Application


This thesis project is an exploration of the process of getting dressed, and how it’s incredibly complex. The What Do I Wear? mobile application functions as a personal stylist, utilizing an artificial intelligence agent trained on using identified variables when styling an outfit. This application will assist in the process of getting dressed by recommending weather appropriate outfits that suit the users body shape, lifestyle and personal style. Savaya Shinkaruk has taken the process of critical thinking in personal styling and translated this process into an algorithm, which demonstrates a way data-driven technology can assist people with the task of getting dressed, using their pre-existing personal wardrobe. The fashion industry is turning a corner by merging with the technology industry in new ways; by introducing leading innovations like artificial intelligence. A business plan was included in this thesis presentation to share the monetization of this specific product.

ai stylist



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Savaya Shinkaruk

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