CFC Future Storytellers Campaign

Posted: Aug 24, 2023

NJFP Residents 2023

For 35 years, the CFC has helped launch the careers of some of Canada’s most celebrated creators. CFC seeks the brightest talent and guides and amplifies them through intensive 360-degree hands-on programs and access to networks to further their craft and help bolster future employment in the sector. Our 2,000+ alumni consist of Canada’s best content creators, cast and crew, business executives and industry leaders.

CFC residents don’t qualify for most post-secondary funding programs or student loans. Our practical and immersive training models allow us to offer students a more comprehensive learning experience based on the realities of an evolving industry. In this way, a creative advantage for our students can also be a financial disadvantage. To break down these barriers, in 2021 the CFC launched a scholarship program to cover the full cost of tuition for creators entering CFC programs.

If you love storytelling as much as we do, join our cause by donating to the CFC Future Storytellers Campaign. All donations go towards full entrance scholarships and monthly bursaries for incoming residents, and, support our suite of programs across film, TV, acting, music and digital / immersive media.

Your support of the CFC Future Storytellers Campaign has the potential to change a storyteller’s life, to accelerate their career, and to open doors that have, until now, been closed.

As a charitable organization, we simply couldn’t do our work without our community of supporters.

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