Areen Khan

Areen Khan

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OCAD U Graduate Program in Digital Futures

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Areen S. Khan has an undergraduate degree in Communication Design and is currently completing her Masters degree in Design from OCAD University’s Digital Futures Program. Before joining OCADU, she founded 1bluemelon in 2004 and headed the company as a creative director for 8 years. 1bluemelon enjoyed success as a creative design agency catering to a niche market by providing innovative design solutions for retail consumers as well as the industrial sector across, web, mobile, print and television platforms.

She has a passion for design innovation in user experiences and loves breaking through the standard, setting the bar higher. Currently her interest lies in creatively designing solutions for emerging trends in society.

Her thesis research focuses on the impact of a cashless society on the busking culture and explores opportunities to bridge the gap created by the wavering days of cash by facilitating the emergence of a fully new virtual cashless busking community in which digital payments and social credibility are the new forms of currency.