Amirali Afshar

Amirali Afshar

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Completion Year

Spring 2016

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Eigenuity Inc

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Amirali Afshar is one of the creators of MadLipz, an entertainment app for making voiceover parodies. MadLipz lets users dub their voices over their favorite clips and become a parody star. Amirali is one of the Co-Founders of Eigenuity Inc., which focuses on mobile app development. Eigenuity Inc. also released Ant Munch, a mobile game, to the App store and Google Play store in 2015. Amirali completed his Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Toronto as a team member of CFD and Propulsion group in 2014. As a part of his Master’s program, Amirali led the research on numerical modeling and computational fluid dynamics of spray models. Prior to his Master’s degree, Amirali completed his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from UofT, and gained experience by working in startups and engineering firms as internships.