Sally Karam

Sally Karam

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Cineplex Entertainment Film Program (Producers' Lab)

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Sally Karam is a Gemini-nominated producer. In 2015, her first feature film, What We Have (Maxime Desmons, director) won Best Franco-Canadian Feature Film (Les Rendez-Vous du Cinema Quebecois), Best Canadian Feature (Inside Out Film Festival) and the International Diversity Award (The Barcelona International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival). Some of Karam’s additional credits include the acclaimed breakthrough Canadian CGI series Alien Mysteries, Forensic Factor (Gemini Award-Winner), Paranormal Survivor, and screenwriting credits on Outlaw Bikers and Under The Gun. Her short Kubo’s Crickets (Michael Allcock, director) premiered at the Austin Film Festival 2015. Karam was selected as a participant of Bell Media’s Producer Accelerator Lab, the WIFT Development Incubator and completed the Cineplex Entertainment Film Program Producers’ Lab at the Canadian Film Centre in 2015.